Articles Prohibited from Importing To India

Articles Prohibited from Importing To India Alcohol, Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco products Alcohol & Tobacco products are restricted for import into India. Alcohol products also can be restricted due to Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations. Firearms, Weaponry & Military/Tactical Equipment All of the following Firearms, Weaponry, and Military/Tactical items are prohibited and will not be exported by us: Weapon Accessories, including: Magazines/Ammunition Clips Butt-Stocks Gun Barrels Firing pins, Hammers Trigger Housings Upper Receivers Lower Receivers Weapon Lasers Holographic Weapon Sights Red Dot Sights Reticle Sights Rifle Scopes Thermal Imaging/Night Vision Scopes Firearms, Guns…Read more

Introducing Cube Free LCL Shipping To India

We are excited to announce our newest offering, 'CUBE FREE' shipping for our LCL (shared container) customers who are shipping to India. There is always anxiety in not knowing what your final bill will be when paying by volume (per cubic feet). Our 'CUBE FREE' service takes all the mystery and guess work out of LCL shipping. You no longer have to wait in suspense wondering what your final bill will be. No stress or time wasted in disputing over the final bill means peace of mind in knowing how much you will pay…Read more

Shipping To India as LCL in a Shared Container

If you are shipping to India from USA and paying for your own move, ’Less Than a Container Load (LCL)’ is an affordable way to ship your belongings in small quantities such as some boxes, 1 or 2 TVs and even some furniture. Typically, LCL shipping to India requires a minimum volume requirement of only 50 Cubic Feet (around 8 - 10 boxes). Your boxes are stacked up & wrapped together on a 48" x 40" wooden platform called a pallet in a warehouse facility before being loaded into an ocean container. Also…Read more

What is dimensional weight of cargo and why is it important?

Have you wondered why most airlines have restrictions on both the size & weight of your check-in baggage and also on cargo shipped as unaccompanied baggage? Do you know how airlines evaluate the weight of your cargo when charging you for excess weight or when charging you for cargo shipped as unaccompanied baggage? Cargo space has physical limits based on the volume of the cargo and the weight. The reason why both volume & weight are evaluated can be better understood if you consider the cost of shipping a large object with less…Read more

Palletizing Explained

Standard Pallet Dims: 40”x48”x5” Maximum Pallet Height: 101” Standard Large Box Dims: 18”x18”24” Standard Medium Box Dims: 18”x18”x18” Standard Small Box Dims: 12”x12”x18” The Basics: If shipping large or medium boxes, ship in multiples of 4 for maximum space utilization. Different size boxes can increase the amount of unusable space. Each layer can have 4 large or medium boxes. This leaves unusable space of 4” on the short side and 12” on the long side of the pallet. If you are shipping small boxes, then each layer can have 12 boxes. It leaves…Read more

Can I ship my automobile (car or motorcycle) to India?

You may ship right hand drive cars and motorcycles. Left hand drive cars (US and Canada) are not allowed to be imported into India unless it is for diplomats. Automobiles are subject to significantly higher rates of duty. We do not ship automobiles from USA to India at this time due to the complexity and risks involved. Below are the requirements for those planning to ship Automobiles : Import of ONE used vehicle (car or motor cycle) is allowed to an individual who is coming to India on Permanent Settlement. The import shall…Read more

Difference between Customs Clearance and Customs Duty

The words Customs Clearance in your quote should not be confused with Customs Duty. Customs duty is a charge levied on your shipment by the Central Board of Excise and Customs in India. Smart Shipper Tip # 9: You can get concessions on duty if you are eligible for Transfer of Residence (TR). See next question for more on TR. Customs clearance is the process where we act as a licensed clearing agent on your behalf and provide the following services. Getting the Delivery Order for your container from the Steamship line Presenting…Read more

All About FCL and Ocean Container Sizes

What is FCL? FCL stands for Full Container Load cargo and is a term used to refer to shipments with a full container load. The most common container options for household goods and personal effects are 20’, 40’ and 40’ Hi Cube. Container capacity and other details are explained in detail in a later section. What are the common container sizes for household item shipments? The most common container options for personal effects are 20', 40' and 40' Hi Cube. 20' 40' 40' Hi Cube 20’ Container To give you an idea of…Read more