Shipping To India From USA

All our shipping to India services start with a free estimate. Our competitive estimates are backed by quality services. You can ship an entire household or only boxes. You can pack & load on your own, or ask us for professional assistance. We can ship by sea or by air for you.

We have just the right service for every budget.

UniRelo is a full-service international shipping company. We provide door-to-door shipping services to India. We provide countrywide pickup services in the USA. We ship boxes, TVs & furniture at affordable rates. All our services are fully insured. Our services include packing, shipping, clearance, and delivery.

We are licensed & bonded by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). Our FMC License # is 016733. We have direct contracts with steamship lines for shipping to India. This allows us to provide great rates to our customers.

Shipping to India USA and Indian Flag.

Cities We Deliver To In India

Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai
Pune Gurgaon Navi Mumbai Kolkata Coimbatore
Secunderabad Goa Nagpur Bhopal Trivandrum
Cochin Visakhapatnam Ludhiana Meerut Rajkot
Aurangabad Dhanbad Jabalpur Gwalior Vijayawada
Ahmedabad Surat Vadodara Lucknow Varanasi
Mangalore Tirunelveli Bhavnagar Kanyakumari More towns..

Our Shipping To India Services Portfolio

Our services are broadly classified as follows:

1. Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping to India from USA:

FCL Shipping to India.
FCL Shipping to India.


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About Our FCL Shipping Service

FCL shipping to India from USA is ideal if you need to ship most everything in your home. With FCL you get an exclusive ocean container to ship your personal effects.

We quote the best rates for FCL containers. The most common container types are 20’, 40’ and 40’ Hi Cube. Click here to learn more about choosing the right container size for your needs. 20′ container is the most common size to ship to India.

We have weekly sailings to India from all major ports in the USA. We provide customs clearance services at all ports in India.

Sea ports we service:

  • Nhava Sheva (Mumbai)
  • Chennai
  • Cochin
  • Kolkata

Inland ports (ICDs) we service

  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi

We have a nationwide network of truckers. We can transport the ocean container right to your doorstep. The container is loaded & secured with a tamper-proof bolt seal. The seal can only be opened by customs in India. The container goes straight to the port from your home. Upon loading, we provide an online tracking URL. You can then track your container all the way up to its final destination in India. Call us now for a FCL quote to ship to India.

2.Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping To India:

LCL Shipping to India.
LCL Shipping to India.

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About Our LCL Shipping Service:

LCL is an affordable way to ship to India in small quantities. LCL is also known as also known as Shared Container Shipping to India. You can ship boxes, TVs and furniture to India as LCL.

We are the largest consolidators for shipping to India from USA. This allows us to offer competitive rates for LCL shipping to India. Our LCL containers sail every other week from the west coast and east coast.

Prior to loading, an elaborate preparation process is done for the safety of your cargo. All our LCL shipments are stacked in 48″x40″ wooden pallets. This process is done at our warehouse using special equipment such as fork lifts. We inventory all items in a packing list. We repackage items that need repacking. We label each package with your name & destination. We have built-in quality checks to ensure nothing goes amiss. Maximum permissible weight 50 LBS Per box.

Cube Free Shipping to India.
Cube Free Shipping to India.

We are innovators when it comes to shipping to India from USA. We are the only company in the marketplace to offer a truly ‘CUBE FREE’ shipping service. You can ship boxes & TVs for a fixed price with our ‘CUBE FREE” service. Max box dimensions are 18″x18″x24″. Maximum permissible weight 55 LBS. We give you a 5 LBS grace to stay within the weight limit.

‘CUBE FREE’ means no cubic feet increase due to palletizing. Traditionally, LCL shipping is billed by volume in cubic feet. This introduces an element of suspense due to not knowing what your final bill will be. Our ‘CUBE FREE’ LCL service takes all the guesswork out of shipping. You simply pay based on the number of boxes or TVs you ship to India.

‘CUBE FREE’ LCL shipping is our top selling service for shipping to India. Our customers love the simplicity of guaranteed pricing. We offer great rates from all US states. Call us now for a cube free quote to ship to India.

3.Air Freight Shipping to India:

Air Cargo Shipping to India.
Air Cargo Shipping to India.

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About Our Air Freight Service:

We are a TSA certified company and we have bulk air cargo rates with all airlines including Air India, Emirates, Ethihad, Qatar Airways and more.

Air Cargo is ideal when you need faster transit for your baggage. We offer the best air cargo rates to India. We provide country wide door pickup services.

With air cargo, you pay based on the weight of your luggage. The more you ship, the less you pay per kilo.

Other Services

Replacement Value Insurance Coverage:

The stormy seas are indifferent to our worldly possessions. As a result, several containers are lost every year along international shipping routes. Which is why we provide the best cargo insurance coverage to protect your belongings. We provide insurance at ‘full replacement value’ against all risks. You can ship with confidence knowing that your valuables are protected.

Replacement Value Insurance for Shipping to India

Professional Packing & Loading Services:

Shipping to India from USA involves handling of your cargo several times. It entails handling during pack, load, transport, customs and delivery. How your valuables are packed & loaded can make all the difference. Your valuables can be damaged if not packed professionally. Any money saved upfront in poor packing can cost you several times over later in damages. Hire professionals for packing if you can. We provide affordable packing services at most locations. Our rates include labor & packing materials.

Packing and Loading Services for Shipping to India.

Customs Clearance, Import Duty & Taxes:

We handle customs in India for you. We provide an experienced local customs escort in India.

Our customs escorts handle all clearance formalities. They even help you negotiate customs duty & taxes.

You can avail duty concessions with the ‘Transfer of Residence’ (TR) allowance.

Customs clearance for Shipping to India.

Transfer or Residence (TR) Eligibility:

You must satisfy the below requirements to be eligible for TR:

(1) You must have a minimum stay of 2 years abroad, preceding the date of your arrival on TR.

(2) Your total stay in India on short visits during the 2 preceding years must not exceed 6 months.

(3) You must not have not availed TR in the preceding 3 years.

(4) You must hold an Indian Passport or Foreign passport with OCI status.

Transfer or Residence (TR) allowance:

You may ship the below items free of duty if you are eligible for TR.
  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Refrigerator up to 300 liters.
  • Cooking range.
  • Washing machine.
  • Computers and Laptops.
  • Customs Duty for TVs is assessed @ 36.05 % of the book value in India.
  • Household items that have been in the possession of the passenger for at least 6 months and used abroad are allowed free of duty up to an aggregate value of Rs. 75,000.

Articles Prohibited From Import To India

Click here for a list of prohibited articles.

10 Tips for Shipping To India:

1. Reduce the stress of shipping to India by planning 3 – 6 months ahead. Start by finding a good place to live. Then shortlist good schools for your kids and secure your job. Don’t underestimate the commute. Click here for a detailed move checklist.

2. If you have children, address their concerns with the big move. Their world is about to change too. The psychological & emotional aspects will depend on their age. Click here for tips on moving to India with children.

3. Deliberate on what you want to ship vs. sell or donate. The cost of living has gone up considerably in India. Quality furniture and TVs are more expensive in India. You may be better off shipping your items in most cases. Click here for an informative blog on the subject.

4. Hire only a licensed & reputable international shipping company. Click here for tips on how to choose a reputed mover.

5. It’s good to shop for the best price. But don’t pick a company only because their rates are the cheapest. Don’t negotiate too hard. Remember, cheap is not always best. The industry is infamous for scammers who bait you with low quotes. Once they have your cargo, they will tag hidden charges to your final bill. If the price is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. – Benjamin Franklin

6. Hire professionals for packing if you can. Use only heavy duty boxes if you are packing on your own. Click here for tips on packing.

7. Always insure your shipment for peace of mind. Click here for more information on insurance.

8. Be patient if you are shipping by sea. Sea shipping is among the slowest modes of transport. Ships can sometimes arrive late. Be prepared for unforeseen delays due to weather, port congestion, etc. Give yourself an ample buffer. Plan your temporary accommodation in advance.

9. Buy a step down transformer with the right voltage for your US TV. Most NTSC TVs work in India with a NTSC to Pal converter. Click here for an article on how to make US based TVs work in India.

10. Last but not least, know your rights and responsibilities. Read this brochure on the Federal Maritime Commission’s website.

Several families have successfully moved back to India. They did so because they set realistic expectations. They also planned in advance. Here’s another good blog on the subject.

Why choose UniRelo for your Shipping to India needs

  • We are directly licensed, bonded & insured by the FMC.
  • We are a BBB accredited business. We are rated A+ by the BBB.
  • We are members with the International Association of Movers.
  • We have been the Indian community’s shipping company of choice for over 15 years.
  • We are the most reviewed & trusted name in shipping.
  • We relocate 2500 families each year to India.

More Government of India Departments

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Important customs duty notification on Flat Panel TVs. Click here to download a the amendment notice.

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