Key Facts about Moving to USA:

The USA is the third-largest country by area in the world. USA has a population of 295,734,134 (July 2005 est.) across an area of 9,631,418 sq km. English is the most widely spoken language followed by Spanish. The capital city of USA is Washington, D.C.

The USA is often referred to as the land of opportunities and a beacon of freedom, due to it’s vibrant economy, multitude of cultures and communities. Most nations of the world have a significant foreign national presence in the US.

Moving to USA

Each year there are over 2 million new immigrants in the USA and several immigrants move their household from a foreign country to make America their new home.

Key Customs Regulations for Moving to USA:

It is important to be aware that U.S. Customs and Border Protection classifies household effects as furniture, dishes, linens, libraries, artwork and similar household furnishings for your personal use.

In order to avoid paying duty on these items, the articles must have either been available for your use or used in a household where you were a resident for one year, and are not intended for any other person or for sale. The year of use does not need to be continuous, nor does it need to be the year immediately before the date of importation.

Pantry items can be included, but you should be aware there are many restrictions on bringing some food items to the U.S. Almost everything containing meat products is not allowed, including soup mixes, bouillon, and tinned meat. Most fresh produce is also inadmissible in personal shipments.

Moving to USA Service Portfolio:

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you in making customs clearance and delivery a breeze.

We provide hassle free door-to-door moving services for household effects from most countries to the world to the USA. Our services by sea include Full Container Load (FCL) services and Less than Container Load (LCL) services to all major ports in the USA including New York, Savannah, Charleston, Miami, Houston, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Tacoma and Seattle. We have access to great airfreight rates from most airline carriers and we can get your air cargo delivered door-to-door within a week in most cases.

UniRelo is committed to being the most reliable, customer focused and successful international moving company for families moving in to the USA, and to anywhere in the 48 contiguous states in the USA and Alaska & Hawaii.