Standard Pallet Dims: 40”x48”x5”

Maximum Pallet Height: 101”

Standard Large Box Dims: 18”x18”24”

Standard Medium Box Dims: 18”x18”x18”

Standard Small Box Dims: 12”x12”x18”

The Basics:

  1. If shipping large or medium boxes, ship in multiples of 4 for maximum space utilization. Different size boxes can increase the amount of unusable space.
  2. Each layer can have 4 large or medium boxes. This leaves unusable space of 4” on the short side and 12” on the long side of the pallet. If you are shipping small boxes, then each layer can have 12 boxes. It leaves 4” on the short side with the long side fully utilized.
  3. There can be max 4 layers of large boxes and max 5 layers of medium boxes in a pallet.
  4. Remember that the wooden pallet volume is 6 CFT (40”x48”x5”).
  5. For large boxes, each layer of 4 boxes will be 27 CFT (40”x48”x24”).
  6. For medium boxes, each layer of 4 boxes will be 20 CFT (40”x48”18”).
  7. For small boxes, each layer of 12 boxes will be 20 CFT (40”x48”x18”).
  8. Heavier boxes are always placed at the bottom and lighter boxes on top.
  9. Calculate the cargo volume by multiplying the number of layers by the volume of each layer (depending upon whether you are shipping large or medium boxes).
  10. J.Add the pallet volume to your total from #9 above. This is your palletized volume. Our actual measurements should be within 10% of this estimate.


8 Large Boxes measure 60 CFT after palletizing (2 Layers) palletizing overhead is 40%.