You may ship right hand drive cars and motorcycles. Left hand drive cars (US and Canada) are not allowed to be imported into India unless it is for diplomats. Automobiles are subject to significantly higher rates of duty. We do not ship automobiles from USA to India at this time due to the complexity and risks involved.

Below are the requirements for those planning to ship Automobiles :

Import of ONE used vehicle (car or motor cycle) is allowed to an individual who is coming to India on Permanent Settlement.

  • The import shall be subject to the following conditions:
  • The importer must be coming to India for permanent settlement after two years continuous stay abroad.
  • The car/motorcycle/vehicle (Jeep/SUV etc) must have been in the importers possession or ownership for more than 1 year prior to import.
  • The motor car must have right hand steering & controls (not applicable to two or three wheelers).
  • The importer must file a bond with customs that the vehicle will not be sold for a period of two years from the date of import.

The following documents and information is required for the clearance of such vehicles imported to India:

  • Original manufacturers invoice / value evidence / price list
  • Original passport
  • Residence proof (property papers, rent receipt, electric bill etc)
  • Original bill of lading
  • Vehicle catalogue/brochure/write up/owners manual etc
  • Keys of the vehicle (incl remote alarm activator/deactivator)
  • Physical location of engine number on the vehicle
  • Physical location of chassis number on the vehicle
  • List of standard accessories available with the vehicle
  • List of optional accessories imported with the vehicle
  • Evidence of the actual freight paid.
  • Insurance policy / certificate
  • Authority letter in our favor
  • Signatures on import declaration forms