20) Can you tell me what are the insurance options available?

We offer the following three insurance options for complete peace of mind and to suit varying budgets. The premium is highest for the first option and then reduces in the order listed. Please check with your Relocation Advisor or review your quote for current rates, deductibles and terms & conditions. Full Replacement or All Risk Insurance This coverage protects your entire shipment and individual items against loss or damage to the extent declared in your valued inventory and subject to the terms & conditions of the insurance company. The most important terms to…Read more

19) Can things go wrong? Can my items get lost or damaged? What is my shipping’s company liability? What if I want additional protection, i.e, can I buy insurance for extended protection?

Yes things can go wrong although more of an exception that a rule. Due to the nature of shipping, handling of your shipment on multiple occasions by various parties during packing, loading, terminal handling, customs checks, unoading and unpacking. Our liability for loss or damage is only $0.60 per pound package (standard in moving industry) and when your items are in our physical possession as we have no control over your shipment at other times (ocean transit, customs checks, etc). We offer extended protection by way of insurance. Check with your Relocation Advisor…Read more

18) I am packing some or all of my items. How do I mark my boxes and packages?

Using a permanent marker, clearly write the following on each box or package: Your name as in passport A running sequence of the package #. For eg: if you 50 boxes then you start with 1/50 and end at 50/50. Your destination address Description of items in each box or package. Please be specific and clear and call out all dutiable items, especially electronics. You may use labels if you wish in addition to permanent markers. Labels sometimes tend to come off so we recommend writing directly on the box or package with…Read more

17) I am packing some or all of my items. Are there any household items that I am not allowed to ship?

The following items are prohibited for shipping for the safety of your shipment and other shipments/containers in the warehouse or ship: Highly flammable items such as gasoline, butane, propane, camp stove fuel, or charcoal lighter Aerosol containers, including hair spray, cooking spray, cleaning fluids, insecticides, or air fresheners Corrosives or solvent, such as paint thinner, ammonia, or bleach Toxins such as rat poison, herbicides, or pesticidesRead more

16) What are pallets? What does palletization mean? What is a liftvan?

Pallets are wooden skids that provide a strong foundation for stacking boxes of personal effects on to them. The normal size is 3' x 4' and when boxes are stacked can hold on average up to 60 CFT. However if the boxes are perfectly symmetrical, it makes it easy to stack and can increase the volume up to 90-100 CFT. Pallets Palletized Cargo Palletization is the process of stacking your boxes on pallets, shrink wrapping them and fastening them with bands. This helps keep your boxes together and provides additional protection to your…Read more

15) I am shipping via LCL. Why can’t my LCL shipment be loaded on a ‘ or 0’ container right at my residence? What happens to my shipment after it is loaded on the shipping company’s truck?

LCL shipments are by definition Less than Container Load cargo and is a term used to refer to smaller size shipments that are not large enough to use a Full Container Load (FCL). Your LCL shipment is trucked to one of our purpose built warehouses or to a warehouse or our agent’s warehouse (if we don’t have a warehouse close to your city) where it is palletized / stacked in lift vans and loaded along with other LCL shipments on to a container using forklifts.Read more

14) What makes bolt seals so secure?

Bolt seals are the most secure option due to the following reasons: Designed to achieve highest possible security, thereby eliminating chance of pilferage and tampering without detection. Requires 24" Bolt Cutter for removal of seal. The plastic coating will bear fracture/abrasion marks if even a slight attempt to tamper is made. Serial numbers on both body and bolt. The serial # is required to be documented in your manifest / Bill of Lading by customs. Made of hard carbon steel with a zinc chrome plating and thereafter covered with shockproof plastic coating to…Read more

12) I may want to have the container loaded on my own. Is it possible to have the container parked outside my home overnight? Do I need to worry about parking or obtain parking permits?

Yes it is possible to have the container dropped-off overnight or even for a few days at your residence. This is called ‘drop and pick’ and usually costs extra but can sometimes be a convenient option if you live near a major port or if loading is expected to take several hours or more than a day. The charges for additional loading time in a ‘live load’ can be offset by having the container dropped-off and picked up on a later date thus eliminating any time pressure. The container arrives in a flat…Read more