We offer the following three insurance options for complete peace of mind and to suit varying budgets. The premium is highest for the first option and then reduces in the order listed. Please check with your Relocation Advisor or review your quote for current rates, deductibles and terms & conditions.

Full Replacement or All Risk Insurance

This coverage protects your entire shipment and individual items against loss or damage to the extent declared in your valued inventory and subject to the terms & conditions of the insurance company. The most important terms to be aware of for this option is that items packed by owner are not covered. The insurance company requires that the items are professionally packed and unpacked by your moving company (us) or our authorized agents. This is a standard requirement across the industry when you purchase full replacement insurance.

Insurance against Named Perils

Named Perils coverage insures you against certain named risks (perils) such as theft, burglary and specific accidents that may happen after loading until arrival. Coverage for packed by owner items is included and in this coverage.

Catastrophic or Total Loss Insurance

This coverage insures your shipment against total loss against certain incidents that are catastrophic in nature. It does not cover individual packages for loss or damage.