Yes it is possible to have the container dropped-off overnight or even for a few days at your residence. This is called ‘drop and pick’ and usually costs extra but can sometimes be a convenient option if you live near a major port or if loading is expected to take several hours or more than a day. The charges for additional loading time in a ‘live load’ can be offset by having the container dropped-off and picked up on a later date thus eliminating any time pressure. The container arrives in a flat bed truck mounted on a chassis. The trucker detaches the chassis with the container from the truck, drives the truck away and returns to pick up the loaded container a day or two later.


Drop and Pick

You should check with your City if a parking permit is required to have the container parked overnight. Most cities do require a parking permit. After the container is loaded, we will need for you to send the completed and signed household goods descriptive inventory, serial # in the bolt seal and the container #.