28) What should I expect from the local agent? There could be differences in time zone, local laws and service levels, do I need to be prepared / plan for any roadblocks or delays due to the involvement of additional parties?

Involvement of agents does not cause delays, on the contrary it expedites processing / clearance / delivery of your shipment as agents are experts in local laws and demographics. We will ensure the following for you: We will send required information/paperwork to the local agent We will send your contact details ahead of time to the local agent We will send you the agent’s contact information ahead of time We will ensure that the local agent contacts you and you have their contact information Any additional charges if applicable (cancellation charges, warehouse inspection…Read more

27) Why are there so many agents / parties involved in shipping my cargo?

To answer this question let’s break up your overseas shipment into 3 parts: Origin Services: Packing, loading, palletizing/crating (LCL only) and storage (if required). Door-to-Port Transportation: Trucking your container from the terminal to your home and then back to the port or to the warehouse (LCL), and ocean transportation.v Destination Services: Customs clearance, storage (if required), trucking your container or shipment to your door, unpacking, and removal of debris. Based on the above, depending on where you are moving from and to the following minimum services are required to ship your items from…Read more