Involvement of agents does not cause delays, on the contrary it expedites processing / clearance / delivery of your shipment as agents are experts in local laws and demographics.

We will ensure the following for you:

  • We will send required information/paperwork to the local agent
  • We will send your contact details ahead of time to the local agent
  • We will send you the agent’s contact information ahead of time
  • We will ensure that the local agent contacts you and you have their contact information
  • Any additional charges if applicable (cancellation charges, warehouse inspection fees etc) will as per the terms & conditions of the contract between you and us or as agreed upon between you and the local agent

Your local agent will provide the following:

  • Schedule dates for pickup/clearance/delivery after consulting with you.
  • Seamless, quality services whether it is for clearance, delivery, packing or unpacking
  • Charges for services rendered by the local agent, if not pre-paid to us would be invoiced to you by the local agent

You should look at your local agent as a natural extension of us and co-operate/work with them just as you would with us. For any issues or questions you should feel free to contact your Relocation Advisor.