What is dimensional weight of cargo and why is it important?

Have you wondered why most airlines have restrictions on both the size & weight of your check-in baggage and also on cargo shipped as unaccompanied baggage? Do you know how airlines evaluate the weight of your cargo when charging you for excess weight or when charging you for cargo shipped as unaccompanied baggage? Cargo space has physical limits based on the volume of the cargo and the weight. The reason why both volume & weight are evaluated can be better understood if you consider the cost of shipping a large object with less…Read more

Palletizing Explained

Standard Pallet Dims: 40”x48”x5” Maximum Pallet Height: 101” Standard Large Box Dims: 18”x18”24” Standard Medium Box Dims: 18”x18”x18” Standard Small Box Dims: 12”x12”x18” The Basics: If shipping large or medium boxes, ship in multiples of 4 for maximum space utilization. Different size boxes can increase the amount of unusable space. Each layer can have 4 large or medium boxes. This leaves unusable space of 4” on the short side and 12” on the long side of the pallet. If you are shipping small boxes, then each layer can have 12 boxes. It leaves…Read more