25) What is the valued inventory?

The valued inventory is pertinent when purchasing all risk or full replacement insurance. The insurance underwrite requires that you declare all items over $500 in the valued inventory prior to processing the insurance policy.Read more

24) Is my passport required? If yes when and why?

Your passport is required at the destination port in India for customs clearance. Indian customs will verify your arrival/departure dates in the last 2 years, that you have not claimed TR benefits in the last 3 years and then endorse your shipment in the passport,Read more

22) What is the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory?

The Household Goods Descriptive Inventory (referred to as inventory or packing list) is one of the most important documents in your shipment. It is the official record of the items and quantities of items being shipped by you. It is required for customs clearance and insurance claims if any.Read more