Excess Baggage Shipping


Need to ship only a few boxes or just 1 suitcase? No problem! The reason for our success is we ship any volume to any destination with flexible pricing options to fit varying budget requirements. The quality of packing materials used to the quality of the professionally trained, experienced and friendly staff we provide the same services regardless of how much you ship.

UniRelo’s commitment to our customers is to provide personal attention, quality service and value for money. We want our customers to tell their friends how good our service is. UniRelo has over 10 years of experience and a solid reputation.

Our services include detailed estimates, detailed inventory and labeling, along with a comprehensive description of the packaging and transportation services used.

UniRelo handles all customers’ requirements at both ends of your removal including packing for export, freight, customs clearance, delivery of goods to your new home, unpacking and removal of debris.