Do you want to ship TV from USA To India? UniRelo has the cheapest rates for shipping TV from USA to India. We provide door-to-door TV shipping services by air and sea. With our country wide pickup services we can pick up your TV from your door anywhere in USA. Likewise, we can deliver your TV to anywhere in India. Our services include customs clearance in India. All TV shipments are insured for peace of mind. We also let you track your TV shipment online.

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UniRelo is the leading service provider when it comes to shipping TV from USA to India. We are TSA certified and FMC licensed. This allows us to negotiate heavily discounted bulk freight rates directly with all air and ocean carriers on your behalf. Our rates are guaranteed with no hidden charges.

  • $350

    30 to 39 inches

  • $375

    40 to 49 inches

  • $400

    50 to 59 inches

  • $425

    60 to 69 inches

  • $450

    70 to 79 inches*

  • $475

    80 to 89 inches*

  • * Rates for 70 – 89 inches TVs are on a warehouse-to-door basis.

Shipping TV From USA To India

Warehouse to DoorIncluded

Standard Transit Time60-90 days

Online TrackingIncluded

InsuranceAt additional cost

Customs ClearanceIncluded

Custom DutiesExcluded

Frequently Asked Questions For Shipping TV From USA To India

Q. Will my US TV work in India?

A. If you want to ship TV from USA to India you can buy a TV that is compatible with both NTSC and PAL formats. Several TVs manufactured after 2010 support both NTSC and PAL formats. Check with your manufacturer to be sure. If your TV does not support both NTSC and PAL formats, then you may also buy off the shelf NTSC/PAL converters that are readily available in India. You may also have to buy a step down transformer with the right voltage for your US 110V TV to avoid any damages from the 220V power outlets in India. Most NTSC TVs work in India with a NTSC to Pal converter. Click here for a useful article on how to make US TVs work in India.

Q. Do I have to pay customs duty for my TV in India and if yes how much?

A. Yes, customs duty is applicable when shipping TV as unaccompanied baggage. Duty on TVs is assessed at 36.05% of the invoice value or book value. If you have the receipt for the TV feel free to share it with us so we may present it to customs in India for consideration. For example, if the value of your TV is $600 then the duty will be approx $216. Used TVs may be eligible for depreciation on the duty assessed depending upon the age of the TV and if you are eligibile for Transfer of Residence.

Q. Do I have to be physically present during customs inspection in India?

A. In most cases, you are not required to be present. Feel free to call us so we may guide you on eligibility and required documentation.

Q. What is Transfer or Residence or TR? How do I know if I am eligible for TR?

A. You must satisfy the below requirements to be eligible for TR when shipping TV from USA to India:

(1) You must have a minimum stay of 2 years abroad, preceding the date of your arrival on TR.
(2) Your total stay in India on short visits during the 2 preceding years must not exceed 6 months.
(3) You must not have not availed TR in the preceding 3 years.
(4) You must hold an Indian Passport or Foreign passport with OCI status.

Q. What are the options for shipping TV from USA to India?

A. Shipping TV from USA to India can be done by sea or by air. The rates quoted above are for shipping by sea.

Q. How long does it take for my TV to arrive at my final destination in India?

A. Shipping TV from USA to India by Sea takes 60 – 90 days, from door to door. Shipping by Air takes 7 – 10 days, from door to door

Q. I am moving to India under Transfer of Residence. Do I still need to pay custom duties on my TV?

A. Yes, when shipping TV from USA to India, all TVs are subject to 36.05% customs duty irrespective of whether you are moving to India or not. You may however be eligible to claim depreciation on used TVs if you are eligible for Transfer of Residence.

Q. Can I ship my TV in the original TV box provided by the TV manufacturer?

A. Yes, as long as the original packaging has styrofoam to protect the TV screen and corners.

Q. Can I get my TV crated in wood?

A. Yes. We recommended getting your TV crated in wood for added protection during international transit. Crating is optional but it is an additional cost if required by you. If you need a quote for crating please provide the dimensions (LWH) of the TV box to us.

Q. How do I book my TV shipment to India?

A. Complete the Quick Estimate form on this page. We will email you a door-to-door quote for shipping TV from USA to India. Once you accept the quote, we will email you the order form with next steps and instructions. You can also call us toll free at 1-855-UniRelo (1-855-864-7356) to make a booking.