We take pride in offering the following services for your pets

  • Home pickups and Deliveries
  • Door to door service worldwide with care!
  • Domestic & International documentation & health certificates
  • USDA Services
  • Consulate services
  • All sizes of travel airline IATA approved Shipping kennels
  • Boarding
  • Vet services

General Requirements for Animal Transport

  • Your pet must have an IATA travel approved shipping kennel with water bowls. Your pet must be able to stand up and turn around without slouching.
  • A health certificate dated within 10 days of travel is required for Domestic & International pet travel.
  • All needed documentation,kennels and transportation are included in our Full door to door service.

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All persons who load, ship or accept animals must be familiar with the specific handling requirements for the individual species to ensure that animals always travel in safe, healthy, and humane conditions.

Unirelo has qualified pet specialists who will assist you with the following

  • Travel arrangements and bookings for your pets on direct and cost effective flights
  • Arrange international standard kennels
  • Prepare domestic and international documentation
  • Obtain necessary certificates
  • Arrange veterinary health examinations and quarantine approvals from government authorities

While Unirelo relocates pets all over the world, we are proud to say that we are the only AATA (Animal Transportation Association) approved company in India. Utilizing our network of pet specialists across the globe, Unirelo will consign your pet to your desired destination for handing over pet(s) safely.

We offer three days free boarding at our boarding kennel for any pet traveling with us, as often it is more convenient for owners to travel ahead so that they are settled prior to their pet’s travel date.

pet image 011. Where will my pet(s) travel in the aircraft?

Animals are transported in a part of the cargo hold that is reserved for animals; it is pressurized, heated and situated below the passenger cabin.

pet image 022. Will my pet(s) be stressed from the flight?

More than a million pets fly safely worldwide every year and are well cared for. It is the captain’s responsibility to know whether or not animals are on board and that certain procedures are adhered to. All animals are checked and watered on stopovers. We, at Global Paws have flown pets all over the world, and have collected many pets arriving in South Africa from various destinations around the world on a daily basis, and can say that it has been our observation that pets have all been quite happy and pleased to see a friendly face and their owners again and have suffered no undue stress due to the journey.

pet image 033. What sort of container will my pet(s) be transported in?

We use two types of travel boxes, wooden or plastic. Both are airline approved, with lots of ventilation and a water bowl is attached to the wire front. We make sure that the size of the box is adequate for the pet to stand up, lie down and turn around in.

4. Can I put my pet(s) own bedding in the travel box?

Yes, providing it lays flat and does not block the ventilation holes. In fact we encourage owners to provide a blanket or even an article of their clothing to put into the box, as the animal feels more secure with something that smells familiar.

5. Should my pet(s) be tranquilized for travel?

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Tranquilizing will be done only if you request it. We do not normally tranquilize cats as they sometimes have an adverse reaction to the tranquilizer, it makes some cats hyperactive – please discuss with us. It’s not recommended to tranquilize any flat nose breed of dog as they may have difficulty breathing.

6. How will my pet(s) cope with the quarantine?

Animals have no perception of time, and do not know the difference between six days, six weeks or six months. The quarantine period is often worse for the owner than their pet(s), as the owner has feelings of guilt about leaving their pet(s) in kennels for a long period.

6. How will my pet(s) cope with the quarantine?

Animals have no perception of time, and do not know the difference between six days, six weeks or six months. The quarantine period is often worse for the owner than their pet(s), as the owner has feelings of guilt about leaving their pet(s) in kennels for a long period.

7. My pet(s) is/are elderly. Can they still travel and will they cope with quarantine?

In the case of elderly pets, we generally recommend that you have them examined by your vet prior to making a decision. Provided they are given a clean bill of health there is no reason whatsoever why they cannot travel. We have in fact transported a number of elderly pet(s) and they have coped extremely well with both the flight and where applicable, the quarantine.

8. Is/are my pets subject to quarantine when flying to the U.S.A.?

No, provided the pet’s veterinary health clearance papers are correct, there is no quarantine for pets entering the United States, with the exception of birds which must spend 30 days in quarantine on arrival.

9. At what age can a puppy/kitten fly overseas?

Generally a puppy or kitten may fly when it is 8 weeks of age but this does vary from destination to destination and airline to airline. Some countries will not allow a puppy or kitten to travel on it’s mothers rabies vaccination. In this case the animal may not travel until it is old enough to have its own rabies vaccination and this vaccination must have been done at least 30 days prior to the animal being allowed to travel. It is best to check with us well in advance for the particular requirements of your destination country or airline of choice.

10. What are the medical requirements to fly my pet(s) overseas?

This varies from country to country and we advise that you check with us well in advance for your destination country’s particular requirements.

11. When my pet(s) arrives at the destination airport how do I go about collecting it?

Providing it is a destination where no quarantine applies you simply go to the cargo section at the destination airport, quote your airway bill number and your pet will be handed over to you once it has cleared customs and been examined by the local state vet. In the case of countries where quarantine applies you may not collect your pet. This is done by an approved animal transport company in the destination country. They transport the pet(s) directly to the quarantine facility on your behalf.

12. Are there any costs involved at the destination airport?

There maybe handling charges at the destination airport. These charges vary depending on the airport and the airline, but they will be minimal.

13. Can my pet(s) travel in the passenger section of the plane with me?

Generally the answer to this question is no. There are some airlines which do make occasional exceptions and then they only allow one animal per flight and it must be a very small animal.

14. I have two pets traveling. Can they travel together in the same box and if so does this work out cheaper?

Yes. Depending on the destination country and the size of your pets, two cats or two small dogs may share a travel box. The U.S.A. does not allow animals over the age of 6 months to share a travel box. Where two pets do share a travel box, it generally does work out slightly cheaper.

15. Should the travel crate be wooden or plastic?

In most instances a wooden travel crate is acceptable and they certainly are a lot cheaper. Certain destinations insist on plastic travel crates and for certain breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers it is advisable to use a plastic box. We recommend you discuss this with us at the time of requesting a quotation for your pets travel.

What are the standard crate sizes?

These are standard Travel IATA approved shipping crate / kennel sizes. We can have any size made to accommodate larger pets. If you have your own crate please refer to the dimensions below. We prefer Vari brand, but as long as the dimensions are the same, and it is plastic with a metal gate most other brands with the exception of the Nylabone collapsible would be fine.

-Carrier / Crate Sizes-

Small- #100-21x16x15


Intermediate- #300-32x22x23